10 Card 1 kit ”Love my scraps” video tutorial by Ola

Hello there

Thank you for stopping by and today I want to share with you 10 card I have made using scraps and leftover embellishment for video tutorial on my YouTube Channel called Crafty Ola.

If you my follower ,you probably aware that I love my scraps and never through anything away if the is a possibility to make a card. So, this video tutorial is a part of a serous of video tutorials available at my YouTube Channel, but this month it is slightly different. I have used scraps and leftovers and in addition was featuring on patterned paper throughout a few cards. Let me show you.




As you noticed , sets of two or three cards are created featuring on patterned paper in particular. In this way any shape or die cut piece is used to create next card and so on.

To see process video on how I created this card please visit Crafty Ola YouTube channel or click in video link below.


Have a nice day!


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