Sneak peek of April-18 ‘Flutterby’ Card Kit with Erica



Erica on the Crafty Ola blog today with my first ever post! Yes, very exciting!! I have been on the team for a couple of months now but the darned Polish post conspired to keep my Kit of the Month March-18 ‘Nature’s Grace’ away from me and I didn’t get it in time for any of my scheduled posts last month. Very naughty indeed, how dare they keep my crafty goodies away from me?? Ack!

Well, this months kit, Card Kit of the Month April-18 ‘Flutterby’, arrived no problems whatsoever and I dug into it with a bit of a crazed frenzy. I’m being embarrassingly honest here, paper and embellishments were flying around with squeals of delight. I will post a little unboxing video on Sunday so tune in for that. So many beautiful patterned papers to choose from(I L-O-V-E patterned paper but I’m more likely to hoard it than use it) but I was determined to use, if not all, at least some of them. I particularly love the heart patterned one and the one with all the gold dots on it!


Deciding to create 4 cards with a similar ‘base style’, I got cutting, scoring and folding, using the solid card stock that come in the kit. I cut them to create cards in the American A2 size, 5.5”x4.25” but as the European A4 only leaves one of each one of these, I also trimmed down the ‘leftover bit’ to make smaller, matching cards so I would have very little waste. Crafty waste is almost a crime!

As this is only a sneak peek of what’s coming in my full reveal post on Sunday, I’m going to leave you with this little tease!


See you back here on Sunday for lots of cards, crafty chit-chat and photos!

Until then, happy crafting!


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2 thoughts on “Sneak peek of April-18 ‘Flutterby’ Card Kit with Erica

  1. Katherine Wubbenhorst

    Ola, the foil paper is exquisite. A very elaborate kit. Perfect for spring, love the bold colors no pastel colors. Ur crushed it


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