Card Kit FAQ

1. What does the subscription mean?

  Card kit of the month subscription allows the buyer to get monthly kit with discounted price, £5 off and card kit is guaranteed. ( subscribers get priority over store buyers)

2. Can I add any other products from CraftyOla store to my kit box?

  Yes subscribers who place the order through the store before card kit is released can select “Member’s Shipping option”. In this way I am aware that order will be shipped with card kit to same on shipping cost which calculated based on add ons weight.

  If order placed after kit of the month is shipped then subscriber got an option to wait untill next month or select general shipping option and receive order straight away.

3. Can I buy kit without subscription?

   Yes, of course. You can buy any available kit whenever you want with regular price £40 with free worldwide shipping.

   Please note

 – only subscribers can get a special price – £35 for kit with free worldwide shipping.

     –  stock is limited and it’s no guarantee that the kit you like will be available to purchase.

  Also you can buy a Special edition kit. These kit goes with subscription from time to time. I already have two Special edition kit in my store.

4. How can I pay for my order? 

  You can pay for your online order with Paypal account as well as Debit/Credit cards.

5. When will be the next kit?

Card kit of the month is released once a months on the 14th of each month.

Card kit subscribers get an automatic invoice through Paypal on or before 14th.