10 Card 1 kit ”Love my scraps” video tutorial by Ola

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Thank you for stopping by and today I want to share with you 10 card I have made using scraps and leftover embellishment for video tutorial on my YouTube Channel called Crafty Ola.

If you my follower ,you probably aware that I love my scraps and never through anything away if the is a possibility to make a card. So, this video tutorial is a part of a serous of video tutorials available at my YouTube Channel, but this month it is slightly different. I have used scraps and leftovers and in addition was featuring on patterned paper throughout a few cards. Let me show you.




As you noticed , sets of two or three cards are created featuring on patterned paper in particular. In this way any shape or die cut piece is used to create next card and so on.

To see process video on how I created this card please visit Crafty Ola YouTube channel or click in video link below.


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“Nature’s Grace” cardmaking Challange!!

Hello Guys

Today I would like to share with you 16 card I managed to create using this month Card kit of the Month called ”Nature’s Grace”

Before I begin I would like to tell you how this challenge was born! So, after I uploaded 10 cards 1 kit video tutorial on my YouTube Channel – Crafty Ola , I received lots of positive feedbacks as well as constructive criticism from one of my subscriber / customer. She liked all my cards , but wanted to see if it is possible to created 10 cards using only supplies in the kit. No additional, dies ,no stamps or embellishments. Only, trimmer, scissors and glue, plus what’s in the ”Nature’s Grace” kit.

Guess what , I took this as a challenge and started crafting. I followed the rules and come up not with 10 , but 16 cards in total.

Here you can see still shots of all 16 cards

If you want to see detailed description on how I have made this cards please click on video link below.

Hope you enjoyed and get inspired

Happy Crafting Everyone!!!

”Nature’s Grace ” set of card by Olga Moss

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Thank you for stopping by and today I would like to share with you some additional cards I have made using Crafty Ola Store card kit of the Month ” Nature’s Grace”.



For my first card I have used a combination of a few patterned papers and to soften the front of the card I have used vellum . For my focal point I have used a craft doily which I cluttered with a range of stickers, buttons, pearls and die cut roses.

For my second card of today, I used the same technique as my first card to create the card base, but decided to decorate the centre of my card with a wooden frame and an accordion sticker.

For my sentiment I used a ”Congratulations” puffy sticker and decorated my card with colourful pearls.



For my third card I started by joining two patterned papers. One of which is much larger then the other. For the centre piece I have used yellow patterned paper with printed roses and die cut an oval shape before placing it on my card. I have used a ready made glittered sticker for my sentiment and decorated my card with a combination of buntings, buttons and die cut roses.



That is it for today. Please come back tomorrow for more inspiration.

Happy Crafting Everybody !

“Nature’s Grace” blog giveaway!!!

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10 Cards 1 kit | Crafty Ola Store Card kit of the Month March’18 ”Nature’s Grace”

Hello there!

Today is the day I am sharing with you 10 cards I have made using Card kit of the Month March’18 ”Nature’s Grace”.

This kit is gorgeous and full of images witch reminds me how pretty Nature actually is!

Here is the kit :



Now let me show you the cards I made using this kit.

Card 1

For my card I have used floral patterned paper and white card blank. I have cut of a piece of pattern paper in an angle and replaced it with acetate.

For my sentiment I have used dimensional stickers and decorated my card with pearls and butterflies.

Card 2

For my next card I have used a combination of pattern paper and light purple card stock. I did placed this piece on the top of the ivory card blank in the way that the left side and bottom part of the card blank is showing out.

I have also die cut a scalloped edged circle and mount this onto a craft doily. I cut this piece into two pieces and then placed them on the card .

For the sentiment I have used the dimensional sentiment ” Congratulations” sticker, witch I placed in the centre of the card and added two dimensional bird .

Card 3


My third card is a non traditional card. I have used ivory card blank and die cut piece of it using a scalloped border die. I covered most of the card blank using yellow patterned paper. One piece on the top of the card and remaining piece inside of the card.

For my sentiment I have used a dimensional sticker placed on top and in between two accordion stickers . To finish my card I have decorated it with pearls and a butterfly.

Card 4

For my next card I have used two patterned papers . One of the papers will show on either sides of the card and in the centre of the card. For my focal point I decorated the centre of the card with ready made bunting , a dimensional sentiment sticker as well as glittered butterflies.

Card 5

Next card is made using the inlay die cutting technique. I am starting my card using a pattern paper piece big enough to cover the ivory card blank leaving a small frame around.

I have also used a piece of ivory card stock and die cut a rectangular frame with a scalloped edge. I have also die cut a rose before placing this piece onto card using 3D foam tape.

For the sentiment I have used the glittered sticker sentiment” Thinking of you” .

To reconstruct my rose I have used gold glitter card stock and placed it behind the rose die cut piece, creating an inlayed look.

I have placed the inlayed rose back into the die cut space made previously and decorated my card with yellow self adhesive pearls.

Card 6


Next card I made involves a die cut embossing technique. It is simple, all I did is die cut roses out of white card stock, placed them on top of the large piece of white cardstock and run through a die cutting machine . In this way I can see a rose impression on the piece of white card stock, which I am mounting onto to the yellow pattern paper.

To create the focal point for this card I have used a leftover circle and piece of pattern paper from the previous cards . I have also decorated my card with two according stickers and a gold rose die cut made out of gold mirror card.

I have finished my card with a glittered sentiment sticker and a few pearls.

Card 7


My next card is one of my favourite card, made using this card kit.

I started this card by placing patterned paper on the card blank. Then I cut a small rectangle out of vellum and hole punched holes to add a gold string. I tied the string it into a bow before adding it the centre of my card. I had decorated the vellum with yellow washi tape and added a rectangular frame using 3D foam tape.

I decorated my card with die cut branches which are die cut out of white cards stock as well as vellum and finished my card with a dimensional sentiment sticker and butterfly.

Card 8


This card is one of the busy cards in this set as its includes, dies cut pieces, artificial flowers, glittered sentiment stickers etc. therefore, I have decided to keep the card blank white and added a scalloped rectangle piece which was die cut out of white card stock as well.

For my focal point I have used die cut roses which I have placed underneath a piece of pattern paper . I have also added a sentiment sticker and circle frame , before adding dimensional stickers and flowers. I had finished my card with white pearls and a dimensional butterfly.

Card 9


My next card is an experimental card as I was playing with a hexagon nesting die and realised that if I use negative and positive space pieces I can come up with something different. I then put back together all the pieces and by rotating each piece I created this focal point which reminded me of a rose.

For the sentiment I have used a glittered sentiment sticker placed on top of dimensional stickers and I finished this card with white self adhesive pearls.

Card 10


My last card is a quick and simple card made using two patterned papers which are join on the card. The top patterned paper is die cut with a wavy scalloped border die.

I had used small and large accordion stickers as well as a dimensional bird sticker to decorate my card.

For my sentiment I had used the ”Best wishes ” glitter sentiment sticker and finished the card by adding some self adhesive pearls.

Here they are, all 10 card made using March’18 card kit .

If you want to see my Card kit of the Month unboxing video or 10 cards 1 kit video please visit my YouTube channel -Crafty Ola or click on the video links below:

Hope you liked it and get inspired to create this or your own cards using Card kit of the Month March’18 ”Nature’s Grace”.

Have a great day!

”Nature’s Grace” card kit sneak peak with Olga Moss

Hello everyone!

Olga Moss is here and  I have prepared for you one more sneak peak of Card Kit of the Month March’18 ”Nature’s Grace” and two cards before full reveal tomorrow!

Today I can show you much more than what was shown earlier. Tomorrow this kit will be available for sale at http://www.craftyolastore.co.uk . So you have one more day to get ready!


And here are my cards.



For my first card I have cut a piece of patterned paper slightly smaller that a standard card blank. To create my top panel I extended the piece of patterned paper by adding purple cardstock before mounting this panel on the piece of yellow card stick which is smaller that the base of the card.

For my focal point I have used half of a craft doilies and wooden frame. To embellish the frame I created large bunting out of patterned paper and placed over it.

For the sentiment I have used a ready made glittered circle sticker with ”Best wishes” sentiment and placed in the centre of my focal point.

I decorated my card with various embellishments, such as an accordion sticker, bow and buttons.

To finish my card I added different size and colour self-adhesive pearls .


For my second card I have used  a similar card sketch as my first card , but replaced the large bunting with much larger and placed underneath a wooden frame.


I hope you enjoyed this post and get inspired! Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for full reveal and more inspiration from design team members.

Happy Crafting!


Non traditional Valentine’s day cards

Hello friends

Today I am sharing with you three cards I have made .

One embossing folder plus one cardmaking technique and three gorgeous cards are made in less then an hour.

Here is my cards

Each of this cards made using one embossing folder and one cardmaking technique called embossing.

Using three different metallic @wowembossing powders and different card structures I have achieved three different cards.

Have a great day